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5 tribes, 5x speed,
endless challenges.

Best of both worlds

Hate to choose? The New Year's Special combines the best of both worlds. The classic Travian experience with Wonders of the World is spiced up with a popular feature from the Annual Special: the hospital.

This new building puts a twist on the whole gameplay, allowing you to revive fallen troops and making sure that once you're on the battlefield, you never have to leave.

Your tribe – your strategy

It wouldn't be a special without the five tribes. The long-awaited two additional tribes entered the world of Travian with a blast – and they've decided to stay.

The swift Huns and relentless Egyptians allow for more strategies and deeper synergies within your alliance. Hit and run with fast cavalry or build up an economic powerhouse. The choice is yours!

100% Adrenaline

Blink, and you'll miss it. In this New Year's Special, you'll be building, planning, and fighting at five times the speed!

Throw this into the mix with our already unique set of features, and you get a version of Travian: Legends that only the most resourceful players can master. This is the ultimate chance to prove that you can win under any conditions.

Made to be played – 15 years and counting

Every new Travian: Legends Special is shaped by you, our community. Thanks to your feedback, we have been improving the game and creating new features – tailored to your wishes. This New Year's Special is a challenge like you've never played before.

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I think the most important thing about playing Travian is that you can make friends around the world.
I've made friends for life in this game and I like how the game evolves, because it pushes me to do better every day!
My best Travian memory is the reason I'm still playing after nearly a decade: the relationships and real-life friendships that have developed as a result of Travian.
I've been playing Travian for 10 years, and I wish I could always keep playing it until I'm 60 years old. Now I'm 32.
Every memory of Travian belongs to them, my dear friends. Happy 15th anniversary!

The cunning will rule – the Gauls

More than just a tribe for beginners, the Gauls allow for defensive tricks and fast raid tactics.

The toolbox tribe

Five times the usual game speed means beginning the game in the highest possible gear. Who else to highlight but a tribe that has always been about shifting velocity?

Our crafty Gauls have more tricks up their sleeves than just traps and walls. With time being of absolute essence, a tribe requiring less time commitment could very well be strong in the long run. And when the time is right, you turn on the offensive.


Right from the start, the Phalanx of the Gauls can fend off any invader, being strong against infantry and even stronger against enemy cavalry. But the Gauls truly shine when it comes to their cavalry, who now ride five times faster. With an army of Druidriders, you can support your alliance within a heartbeat. And when it comes to raiding, the fastest unit in the game – the Theutates Thunder – now runs at lightning speed.


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